Volume 8 - 1980

Editorial Notes


Ballad: ballade, complainte, chanson tragique, chanson lyrico-épique, ou chanson narrative? - Robert Paquin

Stanley Collins: A Singer-Songwriter of Scotsville, Cape Breton - Deborah Meeks

A Prelininary Biography of Canadian Old-Time Instrumental Music Books - Neil V. Rosenberg

"I Find I Have Music in Me": One Man's Approach to Festivity - Jane Dunsiger

Love and Lonesome Songs of the Skeena River - Ellen Moses

"La Grande Gigue Simple" and "The Red River Jig": A Comparative Study of Two Regional Styles of a Traditional Fiddle Tune - Roy W. Gibbons

Le processus de composition dans la musique instrumental du quebuc - Jean-Pierre Joyal

"The Cruel Father and Constant Lover": A Broadside Ballad in Tradition - Michael Yates