Volume 27 - 1999/2000


Heather Sparling - "Mitigating or Marketing Culture?" Promoting Mouth Music in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Sherry Johnson - "If you want to win, you've got to play it like a man." Music Gender, and Value in Ontario fiddle Contests

E. David Gregory - Starting Over: A.L. Lloyd and the Search for a New Folk Music, 1945-49


Undisciplined Women. Traditional Culutre in Canada (eds Pauline Greenhill and Diane Tye) - Beverley Diamond

Vision d'une Société par les chansons de tradition orale à caractère épique et tragique (Conrad Laforte and Monique Justras) - Gorden E. Smith

Quigley, Colin. Music form the Heart: Compositions of a Folk Fiddle (Colin Quigley) - Gordon E. Smith

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