Volume 26 - 1998

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"What Ordinary People Do is Important": Edith Fowke's Life and Publications - Allan Kirby

A City ".. Waiting for the Sunrise...": Toronto in Song and Sound - Michael J. Doucet

Review Essay:

Strategic Artistic Essentialism: Why It's Better to be an Artist than a Woman
Woman as Artist: Papers in Honour of Martha Manen (ed. Rosenberg)
- Brenda Enns


Transforming Tradition: Folk Music Revivals Examined (ed. Rosenberg) - Judith Cohen

The Tsymbaly Maker and His Craft: The Ukranian Hammered Dulcimer in Alberta (Bandera) - Laurel Osborn

Ukranian Musical Elements in Classical Music (Yakov Soroker) - Laurel Osborn

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