Volume 20 - 1992

Editorial Notes


Lessons Learned, Questions Raised: Writing a History of Ethnomusicology in Canada - James Robbins

The Musical Culture of Iraqi Jewry: Three Countries and Two Continents - Galia Ben-Mordechai

Altered Guitar Tunings in Canadian Folk and Folk-Related Music - Richard Stewardson

"Much" Media: Towards an Understanding of the Impact of Videos on Canadian Pre-Adolescent Identities - Karen Pegley

Micinac Storyteller: River ofFire — The Co-Creation of an Ethnographic Video - Franziska von Rosen

Ile de la Reunion: musiques et identité - Brigitte des Rosiers


John C. O'Donnell. "And Now the Fields are Green": A Collection of Mining Songs in Canada - Edith Fowke