Volume 18 - 1990

Editorial Notes


Canadian English-Language Children's Songs in Toronto Schools: A Comparison of 1959-64 and 1988 Collections - Virginia Caputo

Aftrocubanisme au Quebec: La rumba guaguanco - Hugues Jocelyn Cano

An Introduction to English-Language Folksong Style (II): Tonality, Modality, Harmony, and Intonation in LaRena Clark's Traditional Songs - Jay Rahn

Rhythm, Myth, and Spirit - David Pulak

The History of "The Frog's Courtship": A Study of Canadian Variants - David G. H. Parsons

In Search of Nine Keghi Songs - Hasmig Injejikian

"For Singing and Dancing and all Sorts of Fun": Review - Pauline Greenhill

Sitar Music in Calcutta": Review - John A. Campana